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Olive oils schools in the Mediterranean

Festivaldelgusto along with their partner Olivaverde are always interested in promoting small food, wine and olive oil producers from the Mediterranean region and are pleased that in 2014 we are launching a series of dedicated olive oil schools in Italy and the Islands of Malta and Gozo. The "schools" will include workshops where there will be an olive oil producer teaching clients about all the stages of  the cultivation and production of fine extra, from the harvesting of the olives right through to the bottling and marketing of the oils.
Other classes will include talks and demonstrations by actual olive oil producers and tasting experts where our clients will learn the techniques of tasting olive oils from different regions of Italy and also from the Island of Malta. Clients will also visit the olive groves and mills where the olive oils we feature are produced to see how the different olive oils are made, where possible all the olive oils used and promoted in our "…