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Festivaldelgusto at Gusto Italia

Festivaldelgusto are very pleased to be one of the participants with Slow Food Anglia at the prestigious Italian food and drink event, the  Gusto Italia which is held on November 7th and 8th at the Sheraton Hotel, Park Lane in central London. As part of our ongoing commitment to our friends and clients in Italy we are attending the event to build on the very close links we now have with Sicilian and mainland Italian olive oil producers, chefs and artisan food businesses. We will also strengthen our ties that we now have built up with Olivaverde, Slow Food Anglia, Slow Food Sicilia and Slow Food groups in Italy.
Carmelo Carnevale the Sicilian chef who is responsible for organising Gusto Italia has personally invited Slow Food Anglia members and they have included us in their stand at the event. Carmelo came to Norwich to take part in our joint Festivaldelgusto and Slow Food Anglia festival we held there in August and he also met with our partners at Olivaverde at that event and sampled some of their range of their fine artisan olive oils, and he especially liked the Sicilian olive oil from Trapani.

We look forward to promoting our range of events and festivals that we offer in both the Mediterranean region and in the UK and also the fantastic range of artisan produced extra virgin olive oils we now represent. The Gusto Italia event in London is one of the premier Italian food events in London and the UK and we are pleased to be invited this year. 
At Gusto Italia we will also be meeting many of the Italian chefs who work in London and who are also members of Slow Food in Italy and hopefully we will be building even more links to artisan producers and also Slow Food groups in that country.
Gusto Italia held in London with the APCI is a national event and we hope to be able to take part in this prestigious event on an annual basis, and in future years will also invite some of our olive oil producers to come to London to take part in this prestigious event.


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Festivaldelgusto with Olivaverde

Festivaldelgusto will be working closely with the olive oil group Olivaverde at the new and exciting Breks Food festival in Norfolk this September. Both groups have been involved with food, drink and lifestyle festivals in London and the east of England for many years and we are looking forward to our joint cooperating with the new Breks Food festival to be held at the Fire Pit near Swaffham in September which is being held in conjunction with the annual Slow Food festival that has been held at the Fire Pit Camp over the past three years. One of the main aims of both Festivaldelgusto and Olivaverde is to be involved with local communities and events in areas in which we promote our fine artisan produced olive oils so we are very pleased to be involved with the Breks food festival for the first time. Festivaldelgusto normally are focused on events in Italy and the Mediterranean region but are pleased to be part of the Breks festival this year.

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We are pleased to be involved with several small local food and drink businesses who have plans to hold food festivals and food related events across the city this December and in 2017, one of these is the local street food group, Feast on the Street who will be holding an Christmas festival at the Shoe factory Social club on the 10th December.
The festival at the old Shoe Factory will be the first collaboration between Feast on the Street, Slow Food Norwich and us at Festivaldelgusto, Feast on the Street are a small group of fifteen independent street food traders based in Norwich and in north Norfolk.
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We are very pleased to be holding this years Festivaldelgusto at the Castello di Monterado in the Marche region of Italy, and we are now planning for other food and wine events and also tours to be held at this beautiful venue in the future.
The Castello di Monterado is an absolutely stunning venue situated in the small village of Monterado in central Marche which was founded in 1267, it is about 15 km from the Adriatic coast and the beautiful seaside resort town of Senigallia.
The present building dates back to the early 1700's and was designed by architect Luigi Vanvitelli, but is close to an ancient church which was part of a Hermitage which dates from the year one thousand. It has a long and varied history belonging to many noble families over the centuries and was badly damaged in the second World war by bombing, but the present family have undertaken a long and detailed restoration of the main Castello building.

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